2003 Mitsubishi Outlander A/C Control Shaft PLUS Knob

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A direct injection molded replacement for the OEM part, not an inferior cast resin part. Professionally injected and molded. Proudly made in the USA. Our shafts are injection molded from solid ABS plastic making them even more practical than the OEM shafts which have a tendency to get brittle and snap.  Knob is a factory original knob direct from Mitsubishi.

Be advised that this shaft will break if, a) your knob's black engagement fins have been broken off and b) you do not engage the shaft's fins and knob's fins completely together. If you use a knob that is intact and you seat them together correctly you will not have any issues. With well over 3 thousand in use our replacement shafts have been tested and proven. It is recommended that you change the gears on the heater control unit to the newer, redesigned style, to allow the mechanism to function correctly.

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